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Boost your testosterone 🔥

At Evolve Health & Performance Antrim, we pride ourselves on getting men into the best shape of their lives.

For many of our members this is achieved through implementing simple lifestyle changes that will help boost their testosterone and deliver truly life changing results.

The three main aspects of their lives we aim to enhance are:

1. Diet 🥗🍟

Maintaining a nutrient dense and balanced diet is crucial to helping boost testosterone. It is a non-negotiable for our members to have the following implemented in their diets:

- Consume at least 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight. Lean proteins like chicken, steak, fish and eggs provide essential building blocks for hormone production.

- Eat a variety of healthy fats. These are essential to hormone production, often when people try to lose weight the first thing they cut out are fatty foods. However Nuts, seeds, avocados and extra virgin olive oil are some of the best things you can eat for your general health and also for optimising your testosterone.

- Supplement Vitamin D: Unfortunately due to our weather, Vitamin D deficiencies are the most deficiency in the UK. These deficiencies cause a reduction in testosterone production, cause fertility issues and lead to osteoporosis and loss of muscle mass.

2. Exercise 🏃‍♂️🏋️‍♀️

Our expert coaches take our programming very seriously. We aim to provide the perfect balance between strength training, high intensity cardio and mobility. These provide the building blocks for all men to be fit and strong throughout the later years of their lives. It is proven that for testosterone production, strength matters.

Ensuring that our members engage in a mixture of weight lifting and bodyweight exercises regularly allows them to continue to optimise their natural testosterone production.

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3. Sleep 💤

In recent years sleep has become a bit of a mainstream topic, and for good reason.

Thanks to the work of many sleep scientists such as Matthew Walker, ensuring you get high quality sleep as been proven to optimise your overall health, hormone production and also your muscle recovery. 7-9 hours a night seems to be the sweet spot, for those who lead busy lives and are unable to get that music, supplementation can help.

Taking magnesium and zinc shortly before bed has been shown to increase the quality of sleep as well as boosting hormone production in both men and women.

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