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Is A Calorie Really A Calorie?

Understanding how to balance your diet so that you don’t have to go without the things you love, is the key to feeling in control of your diet.

The human body is the greatest machine ever built. You need a certain number of calories to carry out every day functions like breathing, walking, and thinking.

Here is what you need to know.

Your very survival depends on calories, your body processes foods differently to help fuel all of your needs.

To understand how you gain and lose weight, you need to think about energy balance, which is the old calories in vs calories out debate.

Although many things can impact energy balance, the type of calories you consume plays a large role. That’s why all calories aren’t equal.

When you eat protein you increase what’s called satiety. This means a protein-rich meal leaves you feeling fuller and desiring less food (i.e. eating fewer calories).

It’s why high-calorie options like fast food or ice cream can leave you feeling hungry just a few short hours later.

It’s not just the calorie count of these foods. It’s that they don’t meet your body’s needs for hunger control, so you desire more food even when your calorie intake is high. These foods are fine to have once in a while, but they make it harder to stay full.

Protein isn’t the only macronutrient that helps control your hunger. Fibre, which is found in carbohydrates, is also incredibly effective at increasing fullness without adding too many calories. Most fibrous foods have low energy density, which means you can eat a lot without taking in too many calories.

Learning how to eat the foods that keep you full is a simple way to give you more flexibility. The goal with any diet isn’t too restrict – it’s to provide more freedom.

So bottom line, not all calories are created equal, prioritising protein and fibre leaving you fuller for longer will mean less cravings and a better relationship with food.

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