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The Real Secret to getting results

The real secret to getting results that fitness pills potions and gimmicks don’t fill you in on & exactly how to put yourself in the driving seat for achieving long term results.

First things first:

Anything that promises results that are too good to be true, usually are.

Focusing on a short term process that dramatically reduces your quality of life, will keep you on the hamster wheel of starting and stopping.

At Evolve we put you in the driving seat of your journey. We do this through education and meeting you where you are at, not skipping steps.

We understand the importance of setting our people up for long term high quality results that they don’t bounce back from.

That’s why we offer a results or your money back guarantee attached to all our programmes.

If you think your answer is in a a magic pill, you have already lost.

Clever marketing with no regard for overall health and well being is how these companies operate. Taking advantage of peoples low self confidence is sure fire way to make money this is why they do it. It’s not ethical!

The most extreme case I have ever saw was one women who bought the latest weight loss cleanse from a chemist.. who would later develop mould on her tongue. True story.

Always consult with a professional before going down this route.

The consequences can be nasty!

Working on yourself and finding your triggers for why and when you typically slip up while getting clear on how you can turn your weaknesses into strengths, with some high impact accountability is how to truly take control of how you look feel and perform.

Our sector is filled with empty promises.

Our promise is simple.

World class life changing results or your money back.

Skipping steps and avoiding doing the work will always keep you stuck.

It’s just not sexy to say this.

If I where to try and walk into any other profession with no training plan or support the chances are I would feel overwhelmed and leave, the exact same logic applies to a fitness journey.

This is why so many take out memberships to gyms they don’t use.

Our coaching is our membership.

Meaning, you don’t pay to rent equipment you have no idea how to use.

We coach you step by step through your journey until you eventually no longer need us.

At Evolve our people come for a result and stay for the experience.

If you are looking for a sign to stop stopping, click the link below we would love to help.

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