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"The Gym For People Who Don't Gym"

We came into the fitness space to lead from the front and most importantly to make a difference, we have been doing that proudly since 2013 and we are proud of the passion we have for extremely high industry standards.

Evolve started as a vision to not only make a difference for everyone that we worked with but to make sure we raised the industry standards around us in the process.

Gyms have became a place where members no longer matter and it’s all about posing without culture community and most importantly consistent results.

The main reason for going to a gym is to get a result, but we found that everyone who came in either felt intimated, got bored and left or just felt like they didn’t belong because they didn’t know what they where doing. 

At Evolve we wanted to transform how fitness was done, typically transforming what a gym was and what it meant to have a great experience and journey along the way. Built on a foundation of high standards, results, reinvestment, and making sure the best customer experience can be achieved.

We understand how to take our people from point A to point B and progress them toward their goals.

It sounds extremely straightforward but when you see how fitness is typically done the experience is quite the opposite and results certainly either don’t happen or most importantly don’t last.


Tracking technology & Nutrition

Nutrition is one area that everyone typically has their high and low points our goal is to find what works for you, we use lifestyle questionnaires nutritionists and up to date research to support the approach we take with everyone.


We include meal templates, supplement reports we even offer blood work analysis with our Randox health partnership. Whether you want to lose 15-20lbs build some lean muscle or even bring your body fat down to single digits we have you covered.

Evolves brand new tracking app helps us gain ultimate clarity within our check ins, ensuring that we have our finger on the pulse with every single client that comes through our doors.


Having access to a coach in your pocket yea round with all our programmes uploaded into the app with expert tutorials from the team mean that you can leverage open gym access and take control of your training 24/7 wherever you are in the world.

Stability & Capacity sessions


To build a body we must leverage stability work. To build cardio we must engage in capacity work. Building your engine not testing it.


To maximise your cardiovascular gains the ratio should be 3-1 on building vs testing sessions that’s what we aim to deliver.


Modified volumes of cardio to make sure you build capacity. Our aim is the Goldilocks approach not too little not too much just exactly what you need exactly when you need it. We want all our members to know that it is their session and they have the ability to scale sessions - when energy is high and push themselves, but also have the autonomy to scale their sessions back as and when they need to.

Exercise is a stress after all and we know how day to day life can get on top of people.

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Strength based sessions


Our famous programming here will be kept in line with how we do things and have done for years, we make safety and results a priority while having fun in the process.

Our group sizes kept to 8 per session - to ensure maximum quality.

Our group training se
ssions are being kept personal, to ensure the progress and service everyone gets is not only personal but as productive as possible to move you one step closer to results.

We believe that in order to be the best, you must work with the best which is why our strength kit and equipment is second to none. We only use the best available; BLK BOX & Watson.

Sweat Sessions


Love to get a good sweat on? From sweat angels to red faces, we call these the testing your engine days.

An in-house favourite for our core group of amazing people.


You will be encouraged, pushed and supported through these sessions every step of the way.​



"We are a results driven, independent gym dedicated to transforming how fitness is done. Our vision is to provide an amazing customer experience in the pursuit of world class results for everyone we work with."

- Aaron | Owner, Evolve Health & Performance

Our Core Principles

At the centre of our vision are these 3 core principles:


We believe that the community and culture inside of our 4 walls creates a long lasting positive experience every time you step inside our facility.

For us it is not about becoming another number, where you end up forgotten about. 

Everyone will know your name and treat you as an equal, with no mirrors or egos in the gym we have a culture of like minded people that make fitness fun in every way possible. 


We have created a bespoke space with the best kit and facilities available because we believe this is a requirement for a quality training experience. 


At Evolve we believe in building and training a knowledgeable experienced and enthusiastic team that will over deliver on our promise of providing world class results without restrictions. 

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